Fueling the Future Transform nature's resources into sustainable biofuels and valuable chemicals
Fueling the Future Transform nature's resources into sustainable biofuels and valuable chemicals
Biotech Consultants Limited (BTCL)
Biotech Consultants Limited (BTCL) 

Our services: reliable and tailor-made

BTCL clients are small to large scale companies and institutes. BTCL is providing services to its clients which are involved in first and second generation bio-ethanol production, biomass valorisation, feedstock hydrolysis,  microbial strain improvement, microbial growth media optimisation, process optimisation to improve product yields, fermentation product and flux analysis.


BTCL offers professional and reliable services which are tailored to suit your specific requirements. BTCL provides a detailed consultation for the development of your technology. You can depend on our professional experience to find the right solution for your technical challenges.

A brief look at our services and facilities

  • Availability of large culture collection of thermophilic microorganims
  • Availability of thermophilic microorganisms for fermenting wide range of carbohydrates from various feedstock hydrolysates
  • Expertise in growing microorganisms from laboratory scale to pilot scale
  • Expertise in microbial growth medium development and optimisation
  • Expertise in fermentation process optimisation for maximum product yields
  • Expertise in fermentation product analysis


  • Expertise in pathway and metabolic engineering in thermophilic bacilli.  This includes gene manipulation techniques such as, their host-vector system development, gene cloning, gene knockouts


  • Expertise in developing synthetic biology tool for thermophilic bacilli to enhance their metabolic product yields and/or to add novel metabolic pathway(s) to produce new bioproducts

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