Fueling the Future Transform nature's resources into sustainable biofuels and valuable chemicals
Fueling the Future Transform nature's resources into sustainable biofuels and valuable chemicals
Biotech Consultants Limited (BTCL)
Biotech Consultants Limited (BTCL) 

Biotech Consultants Limited (BTCL)

BTCL is a research and development company specialising in optimising the performance of the microorganisms, scale-up and enhancing microbial production of high value chemicals through selected evolution and pathway enhancement techniques.


Company’s Objectives

  • To produce biofuel and fine chemicals by developing technologies which lead to a cleaner environment and waste minimisation
  • To produce biofuels, value-added products and feed supplements from agro-industrial wastes
  • To develop technologies with safer bacteria (thermophilic, i.e. high temperature growing bacteria which cannot propagate at human and animal body temperatures)
  • BTCL has a large and versatile library of thermophilic bacteria for its industrial bioprocesses


Current State of the Technologies

  • BTCL has screened and developed bacteria and has optimised the bio-processes for the production of biofuel (bioethanol) and lactic acid production at laboratory and pilot scales
  • BTCL is optimising the biofuel and fine chemical production bioprocesses from various agro-industrial wastes, such as municipal solid waste, sugar cane bagasse, sugar and alcohol industries residues.
  • BTCL is optimising its feed supplements bioprocesses at lab and pilot scales
  • BTCL is modelling its bioprocesses with a dedicated process modelling software
  • BTCL is working with partners to take its technologies to the next level.
  • BTCL has recently carried out an IP audit on its technologies and is in a process of filing its first patent application
  • BTCL continued its R&D activity smoothly, despite the COVID-19 pandemic


BTCL Needs

To speed up taking its technologies to the market quickly and realise commercialisation, BTCL is looking for partners and investors.


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